TrackMasterLogo_325x76-LightTrackMaster MK-1 & MK-1X
the Ultimate Mobility Systems for the Extreme

What differentiates the TrackMaster, from others is that it can be used indoors, at home, in the office, and in shopping malls, and then be taken outdoors on the trails, in the city, on sidewalks, and up curbs.

The TrackMaster MK-1 & MK-1X were designed with a single goal in mind: “Get people enjoying as much of life as possible”. We think that’s impossible when much of life isn’t accessible. From the comfort of the home, out of the door, over the curb, down the sidewalk, and into your favorite restaurant, the MK-1 & MK1-X get you there and back again… effortlessly.

When your friends or family invite you along for a walk on the beach or a hike in the woods, you can tell them try to keep up. Mud, snow, sand, rocks – when there’s work to be done, the MK-1 & MK-1X are a one chair army.

TrackMaster “NEW” lower units are now available and priced to move!!  Both the MK-1 & MK-1X models feature new motors, drive wheels, and gearboxes!!  Wire harness and motors are sealed for protection by the elements. Click to see photo’s.
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When it comes to your needs don’t be fooled by the “one size fits all gimmicks”. TrackMaster is working with the professionals who will work for you to maximize your comfort and needs… [read more]

Take life where you want to go!

TrackMaster Models MK-1 & MK-1X

<strong>Model MK-1</strong> - Take Life where you want to go!
Model MK-1 - Take Life where you want to go!

  • Total Height 35″
  • Seat Height 21″
  • Width 29 1/2″
  • Length 47″
  • Base Weight approx. 350 lbs.
  • Battery Life up to 10 miles
  • Maximum Speed 4.0 mph

At 29 1/2″ wide, the TrackMaster MK-1 fits comfortably through a standard doorway and many ADA Compliant spaces.

<strong>Model MK-1X</strong> - For the Extreme!
Model MK-1X - For the Extreme!

  • Total Height 40″
  • Seat Height 21″
  • Width 33 1/4″
  • Length 53″
  • Base Weight approx. 350 lbs.
  • Battery Life up to 10 miles
  • Maximum Speed 4.0 mph

The TrackMaster MK-1X is the most reliable and the most powerful track chair available. When all others fail we still get the job done.

Designed with You in Mind

The TrackMaster MK-1 & MK-1X are the ultimate mobility systems, that can take you anywhere you want to go!

Thoughtful consideration for the end user was put into the design of every component of these chairs. From flip-down armrests to flip-up footrests, the MK-1  & MK-1X allow you to transfer with ease. Integrated posterior tilt and Comfort Company seating come standard. Almost everything is adjustable and TrackMaster MK-1 fits comfortably through a standard doorway and many ADA compliant spaces.

The MK-1 & MK-1X can be fitted with Complex Rehab Seating. 
TrackMaster comes in 3 standard colors: black on black, desert tan & black and ironstone silver satin & black.

“Reliable… Powerful… Life Changing”

These are the words our clients use to describe their chairs.

Incredible Features

  • Industry Leading R-net Controller

  • Adjustable Air Spring Suspension

  • Height Adjustable Swing Up Footrests

  • Interchangeable Swing Away Armrests for Easy Transfer

  • Posterior Tilt in a 3° Increment

  • Twin 900 lumen LED Floodlights that light the way

  • Dual 1-hp Electric Motors provide plenty of Torque

  • Zero Turning Radius

  • TrackMaster is nearly Waterproof

  • Low Center of Gravity ensures enhanced Stability

  • Quiet and offers a Smooth Ride

  • Relatively light weight, approximately 350 lbs.

  • Vibration Reduction Suspension

  • Waterproof Charging Port

  • All Weather Canopy

  • Overcomes everyday Obstacles

  • Climbs Curbs

  • Many other Custom Options Available