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We are Dedicated To Our Users & Product


 What differentiates the TrackMaster MK-1, from others is that it can be used indoors, at home, in the office, and in shopping malls, and then be taken outdoors on the trails, in the city, on sidewalks, and up curbs.

The TrackMaster MK-1 was designed with a single goal in mind: “Get people enjoying as much of life as possible”. We think that’s impossible when much of life isn’t accessible. From the comfort of the home, out the door, over the curb, down the sidewalk, and into your favorite restaurant,  the MK-1 gets you there and back again… effortlessly. When your friends or family invite you along for a walk on the beach or a hike in the woods, you can tell them try to keep up. Mud, snow, sand, rocks – when there’s work to be done, the MI-1 is a one chair army. Take life where you want to go!

Incredible Features

The TrackMaster MK-1 is the ultimate mobility system that can take you anywhere you want to go!

Thoughtful consideration for the end user was put into the design of every component of the TrackMaster. From flip-down armrests to flip-up footrests, the MK-1 allows you to transfer with ease. Integrated posterior tilt and Comfort Company seating come standard. Almost everything is adjustable and TrackMaster MK-1 fits in ADA compliant spaces.

“Reliable… Powerful… Life Changing”, these are the words our clients use to describe their chairs.

Go Further, Eliminate Barriers!

Engineered using a durable rubber to handle any terrain.

29.5″ Wide

With a 29.5″ base width, you can go from indoors to outdoors seamlessly. It gives you the freedom to go where you want, when you want.

Goes Anywhere

Goes anywhere a standard wheelchair can go and everywhere it can’t… rain, dirt, mud, sand, snow, ice, gravel, indoors and outdoors!


High quality custom electric motors.


Lightweight, strong, and designed with round tubing so you can add your own accessories to personalize your chair.


Compact design, arm-rest mounted joystick, industrial standard connections and more!


Fold-away armrest for maximum upper body function, seat cushions and attachments designed for your needs and comfort.


2-12 V batteries that will help you travel over uneven terrain.

Those Are Just A Few Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Waterproof Charging Port

  • Dual Waterproof LED Flood Lights

  • All Weather Canopy

  • Overcomes everyday obstacles

  • Relatively light weight (approx 350 pounds)

  • Vibration reduction suspensions

  • Zero turning radius

  • Low center of gravity ensures enhanced stability

  • Climbs Curbs

  • Versatile Arm Rest

  • Other Custom Options Available